Sunday Drivers Club 2012
Car and Bike Watch
Follow our simple, common sense, words of advice and stay safe and secure, no matter where you are driving your car.

Lock your doors, boot and roll up windows when driving or leaving your car

Don't leave handbags in the front or back seats within view

Put all valuables in the boot

Never leave ignition keys in the car at petrol stations or to run into a shop

Never leave the engine running and then exit the car, leaving the keys in the ignition

At night, park your car under a street light or in a locked garage

When you park in a car park, try to choose one with an attendant, or/and one that is well lit and covered by CCTV. 

Never leave behind your mobile phone or Sat Nav in the car.
Always take it with you.

Only open windows half way if someone asks you to roll down the window, to stop them reaching inside the car

Carry a charged old mobile phone in your car. In case of emergency all mobiles can still access the emergency services

Do not keep your car documents in the glove box. It's the first place that thieves will look

At home, always make sure your keys are kept out of sight, such as in a discreet cupboard or drawer.

Make sure someone at your destination knows the route you are taking, that they are aware of the time when you expect to leave and when you expect to arrive

Try to avoid badly lit or quiet roads, at night

Never leave cash, credit cards, mobile phones, vehicle documents or other valuables in the vehicle. If this is unavoidable, make sure they are well hidden before you begin your journey - thieves often watch you parking.

At motorway service stations, park your car where you can keep an eye on it from the cafe

If someone attempts to steal your car during busy periods while you are in it, sound your horn and flash your lights to attract attention.

If detachable, always take the radio faceplate with you

If using a remote wireless  central locking system, always double check that the doors have locked by trying one of them before leaving your car unattended. 

Include ICE (In Case of Emergency) ACE numbers both in your mobile and on a piece of paper in your car/bike

Report all thefts or lost items to the Police